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International Journal of Research Scholars

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Rooting ability of different olive cultivars through cuttings in basal heating system
Muhammad Haider Ali, Waqas Ahmad, and Muhammad Usman

The Assessment of Positive Effect on English Reading Books Habit for School Students
Yumna Afzal, Faisal Afzal Siddiqui, Nida Ashraf, and Hina Afzal

Modelling Academic Venture of Students
Isidro L. Duran and Cecilia S. Sanchez

Towards a Communicative model of Language of International Law: From Linguistic Sign to Cognitive Complements
Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mirzadeh

Status of Special Education Program in Elementary Schools
Jovelle Garbida Fernandez

Relationship of Predispositions of Social Media with Mediation of Brand Trust and Brand Loyalty
Irsa Mehboob, Mubbsher Munawar Khan, Zara Imran
, and Uzma Yasmeen

Consumer Culture Theory: Gastronomy and Cultural Tourism
Parichart Sriharan


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The Impact of Major Economic Factors on GDP of Pakistan
Farah Naz


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Artificial Intelligence Based Load Scheduling for Plugged in Electric Vehicles in Smart Grid
Ubaid ur Rehman

Construction of Poverty Index Identifying Potential Household Factors Impacting poverty in Pakistan
Wajahat Sarwar, Muhammad Akbar Awan, Muhammad Altaf, and Naeem Bukhari

Determinants of Financial Literacy: A Quantitative Study Among Students in Portugal
Maria Nascimento Cunha

Customized Customer Contact Services in Hostels- The state of the Art
Maria Nascimento Cunha and Isabel Miguel

Threats, Challenges, and Opportunities for Open Iniversity in the Digital Revolution
Maria Nascimento Cunha and Sunday Alisigwe


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Research into/on Diseases and pharmacognosy and natural medicine and medical science
Reza Rezaie Khanghah

Teacher-Student Interaction and Classroom Management: A Study on Practices and Principles in a Pakistani Language Classroom
Muhammad Ahmad

The Impact of Corporate Governance on Islamic Banks Performance
Mohsin Ali

Improved Coordinated Control of AVM based Multi-Terminal HVdc System using Steady-State Analysis
Zain Arslan

Robust LinearModel Selection by Paired Bootstrap
Fazli Rabbi and Salahuddin


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Factors Affecting the Acceptance of Mobile Banking in Pakistan
Ansar Abbass and Shazia Kanwal

High Turnover in High Paying Organizations: Impact of Performance Management and Organizational Culture
Ammaar Baig and Khalil Zafar

Analysis of Problems Identified in Burns Road and Their Assessment
Faraz Shakh

Islam and Self Control: Psychological Aspect
Farhat Naz Rahman

Services Sector Growth and Employment Generation in Pakistan: A Time Series Analysis
Mahnaz Ali

Impact of Intrinsic Reward on Motivational Level of Bank Managers
Khatija Jahangir, Asad Ali, and Riffat Mughal

Undisciplined behavior of students and the role of parents
Muhammad Ishaq, Samina Akhtar, and Mushtaq Ahmad


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